A Resurgence of Faith is a Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition adventure set in the Dark Sun campaign setting. For the purposes of illustrating the scarcity of arcane power and the distrust of the same players will not be allowed to choose a class with an arcane power source. Due to the lack of traditional gods on Athas classes with a divine power source don’t exist in this setting, as such they are not available as players either. Beyond those restrictions the following apply:

1). This adventure starts at level 1.

2). All Themes described in the Campaign Setting are fine, if you want one choose one, they are not mandatory however.

3). If you choose a background from those listed in the Campaign Setting please add the bonuses (page 24 in the Campaign Setting and enumerated below):

+2 bonus to checks with one skill associated with that background
Add one skill associated with that background to your skill list before choosing your trained skills
Gain one language associated with your background

4). Please stick to the races of Dark Sun

Dragonborn (Dray)
Goliath (Half-Giant)
*I am willing to entertain the three minor species if you feel strongly about playing one

5). If you want you may obtain a Wild Talent (page 81 in the Campaign Setting) by rolling a d10. Please do not just choose one I’d rather it be random.

6). I insist that the party has at least one leader.

We are currently looking for two additional players. We are all working professionals and would ask that others are the same.

A Resurgence of Faith